F*g love these guys

Die Yes Men haben ein Handyspiel, das Menschenrechtsverletzungen bei der iPhone-Produktion anprangert, durch den App-Store bekommen! Mal wieder ein fantastischer Hoax der New Yorker. Zitat Newsletter:

iPhone App About Apple’s Rotten Supply Chain Gets Past Censors

To the great surprise of its creators, a funny new iPhone game critical of Apple’s human rights record was accepted by the iTunes store and is being released today. The app, called Phone Story, teaches players about abuses in the life-cycle of the iPhone by putting them in the manufacturers‘ shoes. To win, players must enslave children in Congolese mines, catch suicidal workers jumping out of Chinese assembly plant windows, and conscript the poorest of the world’s poor to dismantle toxic e-waste resulting from obsolete phones.

Coltankinder versklaven, Selbstmörder auffangen – Screenshot der Yes-Men-App.


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