Bill McKibben

…ist der Gründungsvater von, der inzwischen wohl weltweit präsentesten Klimaschutzorganisation. Morgen stößt seine Organisation gemeinsam mit 10:10 den größten Aktionstag der Geschichte an, den „Global Work Day“. In Berlin werden wir mit der Silent Climate Parade feiern – kommt um 13 Uhr zum Brandenburger Tor!

Bills Reden und Newsletter sind ein Genuß für jeden Sprachfreund, so auch sein Grußwort für den morgigen Tag:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for assembling on this day.

As you stop your work for a moment and look around at each other, I want  you to know one thing above all else: right now, at this very moment, in almost every country on earth, people are doing the same kind of things you’re doing—and feeling  the same things. They’re hoping for a future that works, hoping for leaders that lead, hoping that this movement will keep building and growing until it’s strong enough to carry the day.

It’s been a tough year—the hottest year for which we have records. We’ve watched in sadness as fire has swept across Russia and flood across Pakistan, and watched with fear as the Arctic kept melting. We all understand the stakes: climate change is the biggest problem civilization has ever faced.

And therefore it’s right that the first truly global movement has emerged to battle global warming. Today’s Work Party is the most widespread day of practical and political engagement in the planet’s history: except for Equatorial Guinea and North Korea, every nation on earth is represented, and there are more than 7000 events underway: 7000 solar panels and gardens and bike paths, and millions and millions of people working together to make them happen.

And that gives me great joy. Across all the barriers of class and race and religion and nationality, people are coming together. Our hearts are the same, focused on a world where our daughters and sons can thrive.

Thank you so much for your work today. It matters deeply. When you go home, visit so you can see the pictures from around the world. You’ll see your allies and your colleagues from around the planet, a great peaceful army of people you can count on in the months and years ahead as we keep fighting for the future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bill McKibben


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