Why twitter is more than „this latest hype most people don´t get“

Tapio Liller from Oseon Conversations pledges for „firestarters“, twitter-users that spread the fascination to the non-believers (thou shalt rethink!). He explains that explanation is hard, unless you´ve experienced the „emotional pervasion of the new“ by yourself. True. Inspired by this, I want to reflect on my own emotional fascination for micro-blogging and muse about some noteworthy personal experiences with twitter.

1. Each tweet is micro-PR. I synchronized my tweets with my facebook-updates, so whenever I post on twitter, it also shows up on facebook. It gives me just a good feeling when I can spread interesting stuff or positive news to my social network instantly. I see so many cool things per day, it would kill me (and the receivers) to send out a newsletter about this all time of the day.

2. Yes, twitter means tons of information unlike any other social network before. But you choose when you watch the stream of info and whom you watch. That brings a certain sense of „info fortune“ into it. I´d even say it totally changed (at least for the „“firestarters“) the way we receive news, because our peer group decides on what they find interesting and thus one receives for-me-from-friends-news in hyperspeed.

3. I used to be a intense Xing user, but compared to twitter, it´s like a lame duck swimming against a shark on drugs. My expectation to receive news, mails, info etc. in a certain short timeframe raised. I´m not yet sure if this is really healthy for me. Just now I´m pretty sick because the past days were far too speedy and twitter was the medium to this. While business networks allow to display your career path quite extensively, I still think I know my twitter contacts much better just from a few 140 sign messages.

4. On twitter you can throw questions in the nowhere and most often „nowhere“ answers quickly. I got a sleeping place (from Tapio!), a drive, a book tip, computer troubleshooting consulting, background information for an article and last not least chatted about the strategy of Jay-Z to just remix every star there is. You do no longer have to ask your brain who could be the right person to ask. You ask twitterverse.

5. The bottom line is that twitterers are friendly, helpful people. They have fun enjoying this new playground. Most people are there to share valuable info from their world or just retweet the good stuff of others. Even if some in there plan to professionally market their business (I do in parts), they still have to apply to the rules of kindness and easy-going – or they´ll miss their targets.

With a partner I´m about to launch an agency for social causes that heads right into this direction. One of the first projects we support is http://www.coalforobama.org and initiator Daniel Boese doesn´t get tired to cite Clay Shirky:

1. The internet runs on love. 2. Dont ask for the business model. Ask whether the users care about the site and care for each other.


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