Twestival Locations

Ok, some sweet suggestions from the network – thanks, guys!

Hotel Warschauer Straße, Kreuzberg: Premium Party took place there, sounds great, couldn´t reach contact yet.

betahaus, Kreuzberg: Rather rough party/screening room for 600 with bar, but some caution issues. Needs soundsystem.

Edelweiss – suggested two times by different people, great equipment, 100 places, yet to call owner

packed, but the suggested alternative…

Marabuu Bar, Kreuzberg

Homebase Berlin – blocked with 600 Berlinale freaks…

selfHUB, newthinking store – can´t be loud or big

upstream /Hallenprojekt – very „twitter“, but seems too „office“ & „silent“

Alhamra – cozy bar @ Helmoltzplatz, maybe too cozy…

Kohlenquelle/Keller – two times suggested, had my birthday there, pretty near my house, but feels too big/dark to me

(Schurkenkeller) – 100 places, alternative, next to my girl´s house. Unsure…


I´ll have this done by today. Agenda in the making, maybe film plus music afterwards.

Folks, I need artists! Musicians, funky speakers, philosophers about the beauty of water etc. – anyone that´s great to watch and worth the entrance/donations!